We understand that moving is a big step and you are anxious to hear about your application. To help speed the processing we have listed the requirements that will get your application processed as quickly as possible. Please note that once all required documentation is received we will process your application as quickly as possible, however it can take up to 2 business days.


In order to qualify you for an apartment, we typically require that your annual income be 40x the annual rent for the apartment you are applying for. We do combine incomes amongst roommates to reach this number. This does not include your other expenses – phone, heat, electricity, food, entertainment, etc. – which you must take into consideration when analyzing what you can pay. If you don’t qualify, we do allow the use of a guarantor, who must fill out an application that shows financial stability. 

In order to remove an apartment from the market we need a completed Application, a Deposit, and a Signed Lease. These three things will take the apartment off of the market.

When you sign the lease, you should be prepared to pay the first month’s rent and a security deposit of one month’s rent. If you do have a pet, we do occasionally require  a pet deposit. Your security deposit will be returned to you upon vacating the apartment at the end of your lease – provided the apartment has not sustained damage beyond normal wear and tear.

Please review our ‘Application Requirements‘ link on the right side of this page. Typically, these documents will help us analyze your ability to pay your expenses.

We require background checks to make sure we are renting to reliable tenants. Based on the information you provide on your apartment application, we will run a credit check, call your former landlord for a reference, and contact your employer for employment verification. We also reserves the right to contact the personal references should the need arise.

Typically, cooking gas and electricity are the Tenant’s responsibility.  Occasionally, we will assume responsibility for these utilities should the property not be sub-metered. To get a better understanding of the average cost of these utilities please contact the respective utility company.

Assuming that the current occupants vacate the apartment early, and the apartment has been properly prepared for you, arrangements can be made for you to move in early.

We do not. Extensions on existing leases will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

Rent payment instructions will be distributed upon the completion of your lease signing. We allow rent payments via check, ACH and credit card.